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Valerie Leuchtmann


Valerie has over 20 years of study and practice in Holistic Healing modalities and spiritual living. She is an empowerment coach, female teen advocate, public speaker, certified Life Coach, author, Energy Healing Practitioner, Yoga Instructor, a Meditation Coach, and holds certifications in the areas of nutrition and Curanderismo. Valerie has also dealt with major catastrophes throughout her life and learned through soul and spiritual work how to rise above her circumstance. Valerie has experience with being an orphan, a homeless pregnant teen, living with abuse, being a divorced single mother and remaining strong in the face of adversity. She uses her experiences to lift up others and support them the way spirit supported her and pushed her to keep her head up and keep going. Valerie has a strong connection to Earth, its inhabitants and makes every effort to help others see the light through the darkness. Her last name literally means light bearer or holder of the light. Valerie knows she is here to make other lives brighter and support their spiritual growth. She is a natural born empath as well as a channeler of energies. She met her twin flame using soul healing techniques and intentional living. Valerie is honored to be blessed with this knowledge and ability to pass it on to you.



Holistic Pain Coach

Do you know what it means to be “spiritually bankrupt? Did you know that healing doesn’t start in the body, but in the spirit? I was married to a man who controlled and dominated me. I was in a situation where I was isolated, emotionally abused (as in I wasn’t allowed to have my own feelings about things or contrary opinions to him, or else I got berated endlessly, sometimes for years about the same thing) As the marriage went on, the control and isolation became worse. And as a result, the pain in my body became worse. I live with a 14” metal rod in my spine, and the pain I experienced became worse and there was no stopping it, no treating it besides the mass amount of pills I was prescribed, and they no longer worked and the pain drove me to a really dark place.
Then I went to detox where I was separated from my husband and taken off the pills, and I felt better than I had in years….until he picked me up from detox. That is when it felt like the knife was shoved back into my lower back. I had to live, and I wanted to die. And didn’t know how to live in the marriage. Cut to two years later. I learned about spiritual practices and how they affect physical ailments. How trauma stores up in the muscles and fascia of our body, creating pain in dysfunction. I learned how the meridian points, also known as chakras, point to the spiritual defect in your body, and how to empower myself to heal those areas. For it was only through empowerment that I could make the pain in my root chakra subside.

These are the things I have learned. Now I would like to share them with you.

With love,

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