Chakra Illumination Mist

Chakra Illumination Mists are used in conjunction with private meditative chakra balancing practices to open your spirit, awaken your senses, and solidify your intentions for wholeness. Our specially formulated mixture is a creation of source energy, aromatherapy, and sensory bliss. Each bottle includes a crystal that corresponds to the charka it resonates with and has been blended for.

Isochronal Cosmos Oil

Our Isochronal Cosmos Oil line is made with specific essential oils and crystals to activate your energy and attune your whole being to address a goal, issue, or experience that you desire. These oils work on all levels from skin to soul. They will open your spirit, awaken your senses, and solidify your intentions.

Vida Sagrada Intencional

Este E-Book fue creado como una referencia fácil para vivir con la intención de honrar el tiempo sagrado para ti y tu capacidad de manifestar tus deseos. Ofrece un acercamiento paso a paso a los rituales simples para alcanzar sus metas. Sacred Intentional Living es una referencia rápida para su vida ocupada.