Service Reviews

Valerie was amazingly intuitive and insightful and was very generous with her time, providing me with great explanations. She has helped me immensely and I would recommend her highly.
April Kelly

April Kelly

Valerie sent me a reading from a tarot card session and it was incredibly accurate to my past and my present. It spoke to an unhealthy relationship in my past, a tough moment currently in my career, and (hopefully) a fulfilling a future. Again — crazy accurate. I recommend!

Anna Lyle

Valerie is amazing I have known her for about 15 years. She is my “go to person” when it comes to anything health or food related. I call her before call a doctor. She has guided me many times in getting and keeping my family healthy. She is extremely knowledgeable about what we put into our bodies and how it affects direct health.

Before I met Valerie I never considered that food (junk) I fed my family has an effect on mind and body. I love that she takes a holistic approach to our needs and is very conscientious of natural plants and herbs for medicine.

I also love that everything is completely confidential I know if I tell her something I never want repeated, it won’t be and I never have to tell her to “keep it between us” because I already know it will be!

Jamie Smith

The releasing and clearing rituals for the new moons have been exactly what I had hoped for. Thank you!

Ruby Rayne

Valerie is amazing. She has a true gift. I’m so incredibly impressed by her abilities!

Mary Clement

Valerie does excellent work! Helps confirm questions you have when you need the motivation to hear it from someone else.

Adam English

Valerie has a lot to offer and is a really supportive person. She will encourage you to be your best, most empowered self so get ready!

Andrea Ruygt

Easy to work with. She gives a great reading and is willing to answer questions for clarification.

Fab Saiz

Fast and friendly. Very informative and appreciated. Thank you.

Ty Weathers

Wonderful and fun!

Ray Renati

More than I was expecting. Very detailed answers, with pictures of cards. As well as follow-up info, for my questions, after the reading. Highly Recommend!

Jeremiah Logsdon

Amazing! Exactly what I needed!

Melissa Harper

Listen to your intuition, it’s probably been here before.